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Virtual Municipal Court Session Registration Form

  1. In order to limit exposure to COVID-19, Milltown Borough Municipal Court will begin to hold virtual court sessions utilizing Zoom video conferencing. If an individual opts to appear in a virtual court session, they will not have to appear at the courthouse in person.
  2. This option is voluntary and is available for most court matters. Defendants who do not wish to utilize this option must wait until in person court sessions resume to have their case heard. Please note: trials must be conducted at the municipal court house once in person court sessions resume.
  3. If you have a pending case with Milltown Borough Municipal Court and are interested in appearing at a virtual court session, complete Registration Form. All fields must be completed to be considered.
  4. Please complete the form below to request that your matter be scheduled in a Virtual Court Session in Milltown Borough Municipal Court. The court will review your request and schedule your matter virtually if deemed appropriate. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions on how to participate. Please expect to be available for up to one hour for your virtual court hearing.
  5. *Notice to Attorneys- You may complete this form to request a virtual court date for your client as well as enter your appearance. Please enter your client information and office information below. Please inform your client that he/she does not need to fill out this form if you have already done so. You and your client will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions on how to participate.
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  7. Note- If you do not have your case/ complaint number please contact the court at (732)247-3936 or check
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