Albert Ave. Summer Camp

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Albert Avenue Summer Camp CAMPER'S WELCOME GUIDE 2023 WELCOME TO ALBERT AVENUE SUMMER CAMP! CAMP PHONE (908) 331-4161/ REC DEPT OFFICE (732)828-2100 Ext. 141 CAMP BEGINS MONDAY, JULY 3, 2023, THRU FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 2023, CAMP HOURS: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (MONDAY-FRIDAY) We are thrilled your child(ren) will be spending their summer days with us at Albert Avenue Camp! We have planned a wide variety of activities and special events for everyone to enjoy! Our goal is to keep our campers healthy, happy, and safe. Here are a few guidelines that we ask of our campers to keep them safe. - Campers are required to wear socks and sneakers to camp EVERYDAY. - Please have a bag/backpack (labeled with their name) for your camper to hold their items, such as a water bottle, to use throughout the day. - Specific activities and events are planned according to age group. Our day-to-day camp activities: ARTS & CRAFTS, PLAYGROUND, TABLE GAMES/SNACK, BASKETBALL COURT/FIELD GAMES, AND BASEBALL FIELD/NUKKUM COURT. THERE WILL BE NO CAMP IF IT IS RAINING!! If it is raining prior to 9am, camp will be canceled. If it starts raining during camp hours, you will need to pick up your child(ren) as soon as possible. DO NOT leave your child at the park if you do not see their Head Counselor. The Site Director and Manager are CENTRALLY LOCATED at the pavilion near the playground. Camp Site Director, Amanda Vacca, can be reached during camp at the central location or at (908) 331-4161. Each group will be directed by 1-2 Adult Counselors and 4-5 Teen Counselors as well as many CITs. Our dedicated staff is ready to ensure that your child(ren) has a safe and fun summer! The group for your child is based on the grade they were in for the 2022-23 School Year. For instance, if your child was in 3rd grade, they will be in the 3rd Grade group. 

DAILY DROP OFF AND PICK UP ARE AT THE SAME LOCATION ● PRE-K - located at the second pavilion (nearest to Kuhlthau Avenue) ● KINDERGARTEN – located at picnic table between the two pavilions ● 1st GRADE – Central Pavilion (nearest to the playground) ● 2nd GRADE - located at the playground ● 3rd GRADE - located at tables near the Nukkum Court ● 4th GRADE - located at picnic table between Bathrooms and Basketball Court ● CAMP ALBERT (5th – 6th GRADE) - located at the Basketball Court (down by the Soccer Field) 

NEED TO KNOW ● Albert Avenue Recreation Camp Cell Phone: (908) 331-4161 ● There is no camp when it rains ● Park along the curb on Albert Avenue. DO NOT PARK ON THE GRAVEL AREA BY THE BATHROOMS and please do not block private driveways on Albert Avenue or side streets ● NO DOGS are allowed at the park at any time, as per Borough Ordinance #759 ● Parents/Guardians must sign child(ren) in and out EVERY DAY (except for those who are in 5th grade with parent/guardian permission, see permission slip) ● Please note camp ends promptly at 12:00 noon ● Pack a labeled bag with a water drink each day. ● All campers MUST wear sneakers EVERYDAY. ● We will be having ICE CREAM DAYS at camp, please check the calendar for those designated days! Please hand in $2 - $4 to your child's Head Counselor. ● CAMP ALBERT DOES NOT FOLLOW THE DAILY ACTIVITY SCHEDULE AS THEY DO ACTIVITIES AT THEIR OWN PACE THROUGHOUT THE DAY

AA Camp Time Capsule

Summer 2022 Albert Ave. campers after unveiling the opening of their Time Capsule!