Revitalization Committee

About the Revitalization Committee

We are group of people just like yourselves who want to see Milltown looking and feeling the best it can be. Our goal is to address issues like 

  1. The overall look of Milltown and doing things to help improve the look and feel of our town. 
  2. Encouraging new Residents and businesses to live and work here because we take pride in our town. 
  3. Creating opportunities to promote our community with events and partnerships around town 


  • 732-789-9935


  • When: 7 pm | 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • Where: Zoom


Marion Bunny Jaskot1/1/202312/31/2025
David Oryniak1/1/202312/31/2025
Patricia Payne1/1/202112/31/2023
Jacqueline Treadwell1/4/202112/31/2023
Andrea Van Derveer1/1/202312/31/2025
Daniel Bottiglieri1/1/202212/31/2024
Rosemary Schultz1/1/202212/31/2024
Rachel Fried1/1/202212/31/2024