Borough Pool

Milltown Borough Pool Registration

The Milltown Borough Pool’s registration will be online this year, through Community Pass.

When you reach the Community Pass website, either login or create an account. After that click on “Click Here to Register”. A list of our programs being offered at the time should pop up. Once you find the one you are looking for add it to cart. *All payments are online through Community pass, either by echeck or debit/credit card* 

Hours of Operation

12 Noon until 8 PM.

Senior Pool Badges are for individuals 60 years of age and above. 

Milltown Boro Pool is required to follow the NJ Bathing Code (N.J.A.C. 8:26) – management reserves the right to

determine proper bathing attire. 

Swimming Pool Ordinance of the Borough of Milltown.

14-6.4 Proper Bathing Attire.

No person in the pool area shall allow himself or herself to be so covered with a bathing suit as to indecently expose his or her person. Bathers shall wear bathing suits only. No cut­offs or shorts are allowed in the pool. (Ord. No. 970 § 3? Ord. No. 02­1124 § II

Thanks for your cooperation

Milltown Recreation 

Also, for children's safety, we ask that you have water shoes for the protection from any rough areas of the pool floor. 

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